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Israel Embassy U.S.
3514 International Dr. NW
Washington DC 20008


US Department of State
Washington DC

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The Israel Embassy provides Israel nationals and U.S. citizens or foreign nationals residing in the U.S. with passport and visa services. All applications should be provided to the Israel Embassy either via a third party Israel visa expediting firm (Israel Visa Service) or in person at the Israel Embassy in Washington, DC or at the Israel Consulate office residing over the jurisdiction in which the applicant lives.

Click here for detailed information on the Israel Embassy in Washington, DC

For Israel Consulate locations within the US, please select from the list below:

Israel Consulate Atlanta, GA
Israel Consulate Boston, MA
Israel Consulate Chicago, IL
Israel Consulate Houston, TX
Israel Consulate Los Angeles, CA
Israel Consulate Miami, FL
Israel Consulate New York, NY
Israel Consulate Philidelphia, PA
Israel Consulate San Francisco, CA

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